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Frequently asked questions

Where can I find InBite products?

Our products can be found on our website or in specialty food stores, cafes, and mini markets within the South Florida region. 
Find a location near you!


How do you extend the shelf life without the use of preservatives?

Most of InBite's products use an oxygen scavenger that reacts only with the atmosphere inside the bag, eliminating the oxygen and leaving carbon dioxide, which is an inert gas. This way we avoid oxidation and mold growth, which are factors related to rancidity and alteration in flavor. Our process allows us to keep our original properties and ingredients simple.
We also depend on the use of refrigeration, which is one of the most common ways to extend shelf-life. 


How do you certify that your products are Gluten-Free?

InBite is a dedicated Gluten-Free facility that uses ingredients from certified Gluten-Free sources. We conduct periodic ELISA tests on our facility and products to check for gluten presence. We assure you that the results from our tests are less than 5 ppm.  Our products are also sent to a third-party laboratory for gluten testing.
Our team is trained to follow a hazard plan and recognize critical points of control in the production process regarding the manipulation of ingredients, materials, and final product packaging. 


Do I have to refrigerate InBite products?

Most of our products should be stored in a cool dry place. Product labels will specify if an item should be kept refrigerated or frozen. 


My company is interested in buying your products based on a particular functionality, is that possible? 

Yes! We make a wide array of baked goods that can be adapted to all different diets and intolerances. Please fill out our inquiry form so that we can help! 


Do you co-pack products for other companies? 

Yes! We co-pack gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan, and other functional-oriented bakery products for other companies and events. Please fill out our inquiry form so that we can help! 

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