About Us

Meet Giancarlo and Ana, the visionary leaders behind InBite. As Industrial Engineers and seasoned entrepreneurs, they bring a wealth of knowledge and an unwavering dedication to our mission. They believe that manufacturing goes hand in hand with fostering a culture of wellness and vitality, and they have made it their personal mission to create a thriving environment that extends beyond the walls of our facility.


Crafting gluten-free masterpieces that delight and nourish. Texture and flavor is our priority!


To be the driving force in revolutionizing the perception of gluten-free products, empowering individuals to embrace their dietary needs without compromising on taste, quality, or satisfaction. Through relentless innovation and a deep commitment to culinary excellence, Inbite aims to create a world where every person can experience the joy of indulgence, regardless of dietary restrictions, while setting new standards for gluten-free craftsmanship.


We create our products to satisfy the cravings of many dietary restrictions, each bite should be a delicious choice for you! and this is why we are committed to taste and texture, that come after many years of innovation and development.. Our ingredients are Nature approved, always non-gmo, gluten free and lactose free.

InBite products include cookies, mini cookies, cakes, muffins, granola, mini biscotti and breads that are, gluten-free and kosher certified. 

Satisfy your cravings and elevate your wellness with our irresistible gluten-free offerings!



InBite GF Inc., was founded in 2010 with a distinct vision and dedication in creating delicious gluten-free and plant based specialty products. By keeping texture, flavor and product nutrition as the top priority, we have cracked the code to healthy eating and healthy living. InBite products can be found on our website and all over South Florida, featured in specialty food stores, cafes and mini markets.
If you take a closer look, however, you will see that InBite’s presence and impact in the gluten-free & plant based world doesn’t stop there. 
We are a trusted partner for Private label and Co-packing solutions, as we help in crafting exceptional food products that bear a unique identity. Our cutting-edge manufacturing capabilities, superior quality control, and extensive expertise in gluten free development your products will stand out in any market, captivating customers and building brand loyalty.
We are constantly searching for new and fresh specialty ingredients to ensure formula innovation and know that taste is what counts the most. At InBite, our commitment to consumers and the co-packing community is to always deliver a product that is healthy for the body but perfect for the craving!




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