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About Us

 Our Philosophy

We want to inspire individuals to lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle. We invite health conscious people to keep their nutritional goals, while reveling in mouth watering flavors.


Our Vision

To be a source of well-being and the "go-to" choice for healthy foods. We create and bake what is right for you!


Our Products

At InBite our mission is to offer a variety of healthy and delicious gluten-free  and vegan foods and snacks made with the best quality ingredients. Indulge in authentic and bountiful flavors, that stimulate the taste buds and satisfy your appetite. We make vegan, gluten-free, and lactose free high protein cookies, mini cookies, muffins, granola, mini biscotti and bread. 


The Company

InBite GF Inc. is a company founded in 2010 dedicated to Gluten Free specialty products. Textures, flavors and product nutrition is our main priority. Our brand can be found in specialty food stores, Cafes, and Mini Markets in the South Florida area or online.

We also co-pack and develop products for other companies and institutions, following their requirements, characteristics, and functionalities (low Carb, Vegan, High Protein, Rich in Fiber, Etc.). With our creativity and service we will help you build a quality brand.

Proprietary flours are mixed in our gluten-free facility with all-natural ingredients. No artificial flavors, preservatives, or excess sugar are being used. Our commitment to consumers is evident through our constant formula innovation, quality of ingredients and better nutritional products.

We are constantly searching for specialty ingredients and we pledge to our customers that good manufacturing practices stand first.

InBite offers healthy choices for your lifestyle!


Our Story 

InBite is a family-owned business based in Florida with 30 years of expertise in the manufacturing business.

Both Giancarlo and Ana are Industrial Engineers and long-time entrepreneurs, passionate about manufacturing and especially about encouraging conscious and balanced eating and exercising.

As leaders of InBite they both share the vision of excellent organizational behaviors and ambiance. The team's culture starts by empowering and encouraging each individual to their best capabilities and abilities. Also, the company is committed to providing nutritional and health education for our employees, because "Balance and Health start in our Home".

As the company grows the practices that are in place have to do with environmental sustainability so that InBite can accomplish a Zero-Waste program. 

 Our Certifications


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