About Us

 Our Philosophy

The company's commitment is to offer a variety of healthy and delicious gluten free food and snacks made with the best quality ingredients.

We want to inspire individuals to lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

 Our Vision

 To be a source of well being and "the go to" choice for healthy foods.

The Company

Inbite GF Inc. is a company founded in 2010 that manufactures products with the brand Inbite. Inbite products can be found in Specialty food stores, Cafes, and Mini Markets in the South Florida area or online.

We also Co-pack and develop products for other companies and institutions, following their requirements, characteristics and functionalities (low Carb, Vegan, High Protein, Rich in Fiber, Etc.)

All our products are made by us in our gluten free facility with all natural ingredients. No artificial flavors, preservatives or excess sugar are being used.

We are constantly searching for quality ingredients and we pledge to our customers that good manufacturing practices stand first.

Inbite offers healthy choices for your lifestyle!


Our Story

Inbite is a family owned business based in Florida with a 30 years expertise in the manufacturing business.

 Both Giancarlo and Ana are Industrial Engineers and long time entrepreneurs, passionates of manufacturing and specially about encouraging conscious and balanced eating and exercising.

As leaders of Inbite they both share the vision of excellent organizational behaviors and ambience. The team's culture starts by empowering and encouraging each individual to their best capabilities and abilities. Also the company is committed to provide nutritional and health education for our employees, because "Balance and Health start in our Home".

As the company grows the practices that are in place have to do with environmental sustainability so that Inbite can accomplish a Zero-Waste program.