The Evolution of Gluten-Free Products

The Evolution of Gluten-Free Products

Gluten — the protein the world loves to hate and hates to love. People avoid gluten for many reasons. Some people go gluten-free to shed a few pounds or make their skin glow. Others don’t have much of a choice; being gluten-free is a way of survival. 

Whether you are gluten-free for health purposes or personal reasons, a wide array of gluten-free food options are at our disposal. From gluten-free donuts to gluten-free pasta, the choices are truly endless. I can confidently say that I have found a gluten-free alternative for the majority of my everyday snacks and meals. Today, we are in the era of innovation and diet inclusivity. However, the world hasn’t always been so accommodating. How did gluten-free dieters do it in the past and what should future generations expect?

The start of it all

Before grocery stores were stocked with hundreds of gluten-free options, gluten-free dieters fully avoided items containing wheat, barley, and rye. They had no choice but to live a life without the carb-loaded plates we know and love. The restrictions made many unhappy and caused some to indulge in gluten-containing foods. This resulted in symptom flare-ups and worse, hospital stays. But who could blame them? Gluten was in everything and basically a norm at every meal. It was not until 2010 that the infatuation with a gluten-free diet migrated from academic journals to lifestyle magazines at the check-out line. The gluten-free craze was a hot topic within the elite that trickled down to the rest of the population. This was a start of a new era that would convert the label “gluten-free” to normality. In 2013, the FDA published its guidelines regarding gluten-free diets and labels. Once rules were set in stone for clear labeling and standards, it kickstarted a new evolution that would transform society. From 2013 to 2015, the gluten-free market skyrocketed by 136%— bringing the industry to an $11.6 billion valuation. 

Today on the shelves 

Today you can walk into any grocery store and find a gluten-free product in every aisle or even find a dedicated gluten-free section. The quality and characteristics have also improved tremendously. Let’s be honest, back in the pro-gluten days, gluten-free products were slightly repulsive. The texture and characteristics of gluten-free products were nowhere near a resemblance to the real thing. But today, there are products you would have no idea were gluten-free. 

The use of fibers, gums, protein powders and flour alternatives have each contributed to the evolution of gluten-free products. Today you can find an endless variety of gluten-free flours; from almond to buckwheat to even watermelon seed. The use of gums assures gluten-free products have the similar texture we crave daily in gluten-containing foods. The addition of fibers and protein powders has also allowed for a complete nutritional upgrade. Keep an eye out for my blog next week that will go further into detail discussing flour alternatives, fibers, and gums!

The future of gluten-free 

The movement to produce enjoyable and appealing gluten-free foods will continue — and InBite will be present leading the way. Food chains and restaurants will increase their incorporation of gluten-free items that are not heinous to the tongue. We will also see the rise of gluten-free items aside from food products. Vitamins, makeup, skincare, and apps are all items that have started to see a gluten-free evolution. The ease of living a gluten-free lifestyle will only further improve.

At InBite, we will continue innovating our formulas to make quality premium products. We want our products to have appealing texture and taste without sacrificing our values of being all-natural, vegan, and gluten-free. The newest additions to our collection will soon be donuts, mini cakes, and burger buns. Our test trials have been highly successful and our taste-testers have been shocked that our products are truly gluten-free. We cannot wait for everyone to try them! At InBite, we will always strive for a better future for the gluten-free world without forfeiting quality. 

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WOW the history of gluten-free products is so interesting!! Amazing post :)


Awesome! Will be on the look out for your new products


Loved it!

Wendy Zuniga

I learned so much about gluten from this article alone! Now I’m excited to start using more gluten free products.


Love this post. My grandmother and mother both are allergic to gluten. I will be sharing this with them. Great job Val!

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