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MyGlutenFreeWorld Expo in Utah 2022

MyGlutenFreeWorld Expo in Utah 2022

Going to Utah was a new start for our brand because it had been years since we interacted with so many customers. Being solely on an online platform makes it difficult to reach that in-person connection many physical bakeries have. At this expo, we decided to try out our new slogan “You Won't Miss Gluten Ever Again”. We knew that the individuals attending this show would read it, question it, and then understand it perfectly.

Seeing the faces of those who cannot eat a tiny particle of gluten, smiling and saying, “Yes, you got it! This is the taste or this is what I was missing!” made our trip more than worth it.

We learned so many things through this expo; especially how important our brand was to those who live with celiac disease. We got a deeper understanding and sympathized even more with their challenges when they are exposed to gluten. It gave us the motivation to continue working towards creating the perfect bread, cake, donut, and more. We truly strive for baked goods that those who are lucky enough to eat gluten don’t even realize that what we make is gluten-free and those who are gluten-free won’t even think to miss the real thing. 

Let's face it the gluten-free industry has come from a position of just making products without gluten but not making significant strides to make products taste and feel similar or even better than regular bakery products. We have spent years manufacturing for others, training, observing, tasting, and training again in order to avoid the stereotype that comes with belonging to the gluten-free industry.

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