Meet Our Founders

Meet Our Founders

Cristina Timotei, Marketing Director

Giancarlo Timotei and Ana Rodriguez have always been a team, through marriage, raising a family, and starting a business. They both graduated as industrial engineers from Andrés Bello Catholic University. Their first entrepreneurial venture was starting Nomada in Venezuela while manufacturing for major brands like Pepsi and Coca-Cola.

When they decided to move their family to the United States in 2007, Giancarlo and Ana started tinkering with their second entrepreneurial venture, InBite. The idea came from Ana’s mother, Conchita, making coconut cookies from sweet potato and coconut. The recipe was completely gluten-free and a great healthy snack option. From there, Giancarlo and Ana set out to start their new business filled with many ups and downs. Having experience in the manufacturing sector Giancarlo and Ana focused on both manufacturing their own product and manufacturing for other brands.

The brand “InBite” started with the mission of spreading health and wellness through gluten-free foods made with the best quality and simple ingredients. InBite is constantly seeking ingredients that add to our consumer's health while also achieving the least carbon footprint possible. The company has constantly been growing and shaping with its capital. Our vision involves wholesome and healthy practices; it's the only way to offer a better product for you.

As leaders of InBite they both share the vision of excellent organizational behaviors and ambiance. They guarantee that each individual on their team is empowered and encouraged to the best of their capabilities. Ana & Giancarlo also commit to providing nutritional and health education for their employees because balance and health first starts in their home.

The business has had to overcome many great difficulties, as Ana stated “the hardest thing is the solo path that an entrepreneur sometimes has. Keep in mind that you have to believe in yourself and in your vision every day because that vision is personal for each entrepreneur. My goal is to ensure that every product that InBite bakes will contribute to a better healthy diet.”

Giancarlo and Ana fight for this goal every day by continuing to keep up with the food trends and finding new companies to co-pack with. Additionally, InBite has started partnering with Miami Emprededores and Go Solo to share their entrepreneurial story and spread their vision with others. Giancarlo and Ana have been entrepreneurs for over 27 years and they can both agree that it has not been easy. For new entrepreneurs, Giancarlo and Ana advise to,

  1. Draw your plan, picture it very well, and keep that photo on your everyday screen.
  2. Be open to pivoting your plan, as long as you believe it will take you to your goal.
  3. Constantly be in a state of perseverance, even when you think you can’t give more.

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