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Helping Mend Hunger

Helping Mend Hunger

•Due to recent and tragic events in Lousiana, Mend Hunger has been in need of food donations to help the families and individuals that have lost their homes and possessions due to the Hurricane. Through the National Celiac Association, our team was able to partner up with Mend Hunger to assist in their hunger relief program. We have prepared packages for a total of 20 families with 1lb of granola, 16oz of pancake mix, and 6 packages of high-protein cookies for each family. We are especially proud that all our products are certified gluten-free products and have high nutritional value, so we not just filling up stomachs, but also giving these families nourishment•

•At InBite our goal is to spread wellness any way we can and we highly encourage you to check out National Celiac Association and Mend Hunger and find out ways you can help•

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