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Eating and Nourishing are not the same

Eating and Nourishing are not the same


Blueberry Yogurt

When I began to care about my health I found that there are two concepts that everyone thinks mean the same but in reality are totally different. Eating and Nourishing. Nowadays we are always eating food, any kind of food. No matter what type, we try to feed ourselves with the most particular and sometimes inappropriate kinds of food. Local supermarkets and grocery stores make food and other products easily accessible, but this can often make us lazy and not lead us to make the right decision.

When you eat, you give food and supply your body with enough things or materials just to keep it working.

When you nourish, you provide the food or other substances to your body that are necessary for growth, health, and good condition.

How can we mix two concepts that are very different and believe that if we provide any kind of food our body will be healthy? We can feed ourselves with empty carbs (sodas, burgers, candies, etc.,) and survive because they are high in macronutrients, but you’re not nourishing your body because they’re very poor in vitamins and micronutrients.

Maybe you are guilty too of eating whatever you find and not always thinking in what your body actually needs. And after a while you feel tired, your blood tests don’t go so well, your hair becomes dry and flaky; maybe your lifestyle is not helping your body to heal.

I created INBITE thinking of my family. This is one of the reasons that make me find new ways to make food – so there can be a tasty alternative that provides nutrients the body needs.

Ana R.


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