Co-packing Can Save You Time and Money

Co-packing Can Save You Time and Money

Co-packing Can Save You Time and Money

“Co-packing lets you focus on your business. Copacking saves you budgeting time to create and package products and gives you time to market and focus on your brand.”

Cristina Timotei, Marketing Director

Starting and managing a company can be a lot of work. There are a lot of manufacturing nuances that go into getting your product on shelves. Additionally, in this age of technology, one has to constantly worry about marketing, sales, and keeping up with trends. For many new companies, co-packing has become a viable solution to save time and cut manufacturing costs. Co-packing goes by many names: co-packing, private label, contract manufacturing, etc. Co-packing is a service provided to companies, where the copacker produces, packs, and labels products. 

In the food industry, it’s hard to find a company that checks out all the boxes. When deciding to work with a private label one must know their own cost structure, specific manufacturing practices, and to know that the private label is trustworthy and will take care of your products. When one does find that private label, co-packing can save you time and money. There are a few reasons you may decide to switch to a private label. 

1. Time

Co-packing lets you focus on your business. Copacking saves you gives you time to market and focus on your brand. Starting a business is very hard and time-consuming. Manufacturing can be one of the most time-consuming tasks when starting a business. When one doesn’t have enough capital and employees to manufacture, it can distract attention from important tasks like sales and marketing. One not only does one have to worry about manufacturing the product itself, but also formulating the perfect recipe, maintaining the shield-life of the product, and other manufacturing details. A private label may already have a lot of knowledge about these nuances and work with the specific requirements you want in your product. 

2. Volume

Not only can you generate the volumes of product you desire, but be efficient in what you produce. Mass-producing your product requires workers, machines, and a manufacturing site. A private label already has the equipment and facility needed to mass-produce a product. 

3. Certifications

Certifications can be complicated, especially in the kosher and gluten-free business. It can be very time-consuming to acquire these certifications, but with a private label that has these certifications, this process can be facilitated. When working with a specific diet you mustn’t have to worry about cross-contamination, and ensuring your customers that they are receiving the products they need for their diets.

4. Professional touch

A private label can offer a lot of expertise and industry knowledge. In the competitive world of food markets, it’s important to have the highest quality product and be ahead of the competition. With expertise, you can achieve the unique product you desire. Food development can be tricky. Trying to create a delicious product while also maintaining the needed specifications can be difficult. However, a private label may provide food development services and recipe formulation so that you can create your ideal product.

As co-packers, InBite has over 10-years in the food manufacturing industry. We work with a range of diets like vegan, kosher, keto, and gluten-free, while also having kosher and gluten-free certifications. If you want to learn more about co-packing with InBite click here.

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