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I've heard many times that, when baking a gluten free product, you can either make it taste good or achieve a good texture, but never both (and sometimes neither). However, after years working in this field I've found that without gluten you can get the same results as with conventional flour:  moisted and savory cakes, delicious chocolate chip cookies, and healthy loaves of bread. The trick is in getting to know the flours and combining them to achieve the best possible results.


In your preferred market you may already be able to find many gluten free flour brands that come pre-mixed in order to facilitate your task. The problem I find with these flours is that almost all work with rice flours, tapioca, or a gum (xanthan or guar). But what if you're following a paleo diet? What if you don't like rice flour (especially brown) or if your want a flour that really feeds you (A.K.A a good nutritional value)? That's when you have the challenge of doing your own mix.


So I want to start this blog with a description of some of the flours we use and which have given us the best results in our products. Feel free to join in the discussion and give us your experiences or ask a question about the challenges with gluten free flours

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