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Does Gluten Free mean healthy eating?

  What is Gluten? Why is everybody talking about it? Why do we make Gluten Free Products at INBITE? Before beginning to develop today’s theme we need to know that Gluten is a protein you can find in wheat, rye, spelt (and other grains) that helps hold the food together like glue. It is not in corn, rice, or oats, but be careful because oats are mostly contaminated during processing, you would need to buy ones that are certified gluten free (meaning they were processed in a gluten free facility).   It is also important to know that almost all processed food contains gluten for one reason or another: thickening, flavor, as a binder, or as a major ingredient in pasta, pizza,...

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Functional Food…What does it mean?

  When I heard the term Functional Food I always wondered what it meant. Functional is a very broad term and foods always have a function, but are all the foods functional? Functional Foods are foods that have a potentially positive effect on health beyond basic nutrition. They promote optimal health and help reduce the risk of disease. They may be similar in appearance to conventional food, and are consumed as part of a regular diet.  But do they work in that way? Strictly speaking, all food is functional, as it provides energy and nutrients necessary for survival. But the term “functional food,” as it is used today, conveys health benefits that extend far beyond only survival. Food and nutrition...

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Eating and Nourishing are not the same

  When I began to care about my health I found that there are two concepts that everyone thinks mean the same but in reality are totally different. Eating and Nourishing. Nowadays we are always eating food, any kind of food. No matter what type, we try to feed ourselves with the most particular and sometimes inappropriate kinds of food. Local supermarkets and grocery stores make food and other products easily accessible, but this can often make us lazy and not lead us to make the right decision. When you eat, you give food and supply your body with enough things or materials just to keep it working. When you nourish, you provide the food or other substances to your...

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First Post

I've heard many times that, when baking a gluten free product, you can either make it taste good or achieve a good texture, but never both (and sometimes neither). However, after years working in this field I've found that without gluten you can get the same results as with conventional flour:  moisted and savory cakes, delicious chocolate chip cookies, and healthy loaves of bread. The trick is in getting to know the flours and combining them to achieve the best possible results.   In your preferred market you may already be able to find many gluten free flour brands that come pre-mixed in order to facilitate your task. The problem I find with these flours is that almost all work with rice flours, tapioca, or a gum (xanthan or guar). But what if...

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